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   Information Technology Excellence  



Information Technology Expertise

Our primary focus is providing information technology expertise to help you manage and operate your business in an efficient manner.  We work with a broad spectrum of consultants and vendors to help you manage, select, develop and implement effective business systems. 

We work with products from firms such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Google and others.  We have a broad range of expertise including business systems products such as Maximo, Dynamics, QuickBooks, Gemcom, Google search, and an array of others. 

We have developed numerous software packages to support heavy industry such as mining, pulp and paper, lumber, import/export etc.

We deliver the expertise you need to make your business more efficient and effective.     


System Monitoring

Echo I.T. can provide continuous 24 hours per day monitoring to insure your systems remain operational  We can implement tools that will monitor the health of your business systems and quickly provide failure notifications via email, text or voice.

Offsite Redundant Systems

Many business are highly dependent on the ongoing operations of their computer infrastructure.  Should the existing infrastructure be destroyed,  the business would be severely hindered or in some cases cause the business to fail.  Many business do not realize that a significant failure could result in weeks of system downtime.

Previously, systems were simpler and one could rely on the backup data to restore operations in short order.  However,  with the complexity of today's systems, the reality is that without identical redundant hardware on hand,  recoveries are more likely to take weeks instead of days.

Echo I.T. can help you build online redundant systems that parallel your current operations on a day to day basis.  These systems can be brought online within 12-18 hours.  The data will be current to within the last 24 hours.     

Temporary IT Executive Services                          

Should your organization experience a temporary need for an IT executive, Echo I.T. can likely provide appropriate personnel.


IT Support

Contracts Available for Level 1 through 3 based on the number of servers, PC's and devices.

Add hoc support