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   Information Technology Excellence  

About Echo I.T.

Echo I.T. is all about information technology.  We develop strategies and plans that align your systems with the priorities of the organization.  We  acquire and implement advanced systems.  We guide you through selection or development of the best systems for the tasks at hand.  We insure the products are acquired and implemented effectively. 

Hands on I.T. Management

We get our hands dirty. We do system planning.  We do implementation projects.  We do conversions and upgrades.  We manage I.T. projects and infrastructures.

Industry Experienced Consultants

Our consultants have hands on experience building and implementing management systems at industrial plants.  At mine sites, throughout Canada and internationally, at pulp and paper mills, co-generation and oil and gas plants, we assist management with the implementation of systems that monitor and control the business.    Many of our business systems interface with process control systems.

We have extensive experience working in corporate offices.  We provide management advice and implement advanced systems to support business.  We are familiar with the increasing regulatory burdens of today's corporations and target systems to help insure compliance.






Resources Extraction


Our consultants have supported the construction and operations of a significant number of major industries in Canada and internationally.